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With our partner Alpine, we offer customized hearing protection with the highest wearing comfort. But of course you also want to enjoy your otoplastics for as long as possible. Earplugs have a certain lifespan, but you can do a number of things yourself to enjoy your hearing protection for longer. Here is how you can extend the service life of your earplugs.

Average lifespan of hearing protection

How long you can use your hearing protection varies by product. Otoplastics (custom-made earplugs) last on average about four to five years. We talk about an average lifespan for all earplugs because it depends on a number of factors. For example, your ear continues to grow throughout your life because it consists of cartilage. Custom-made earplugs will therefore no longer fit the ear properly after a number of years. Nevertheless, there are some simple things you can do yourself to enjoy your otoplastics longer than average.

Tip 1 Store your otoplastics safely

To enjoy your otoplastics for an extra long time, we have some logical advice: don't lose them! Earplugs are small and you probably use them often in rooms where there is little light, or in situations where you easily lose them. Fortunately, there are several accessories that significantly reduce the chances of losing your earbuds. As standard, we provide a free pouch and a free cord & clip or minigrip. So your earplugs are safely stored and you have them at hand anytime, anywhere. Afraid of losing your otoplastics when you have them in your ears? With the lanyard especially for earplugs you can easily prevent this.

When you order business through Seeh you always receive a free cord & clip or minigrip. You will also receive a free storage pouch where you can easily and safely store otoplastics.


Tip 2 Keep your ears earwax free

Your earplugs are naturally less likely to get dirty when you have clean ears. Every healthy ear contains earwax, but some people suffer from excess wax. As a result, you probably suffer from clogged ears quickly. This makes ear cleaning a difficult and annoying chore. You might even visit your doctor for this. But did you know that with Alpine Ear Spray you can now give your ears an intensive cleaning at home? This is not only nice for your earplugs, but also for your ears. This is because the mild formula of the ear spray contributes to a healthy ear canal. Need to have your ears cleaned out with some regularity? By using Alpine Ear Spray, you are less likely to suffer from a blocked ear.

Tip 3 Clean your otoplastics regularly

Don't forget to clean your hearing protection regularly. It may seem obvious, but many people tend to forget to do it. Yet it is important to regularly refresh your earplugs. The otoplastics can be easily cleaned with disinfectant Alpine Clean cleaning spray or soap and water. Dry the earplugs with a clean tea towel or tissue. You can use the earplugs again immediately. A cleaning hook (cerumen pen) is included with the custom-made earplugs. With this you can remove any earwax in the opening of the earplug.

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