Are there screen glasses for distant vision?



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This is a question we often see come along. Whether the far vision glasses exist we can explain by showing our offerings. This gives a clear picture for answering this question. I'll tell you more about these options later in this article. First, I'd like to explain to you what prescription monitor glasses are.

What are prescription screen glasses?

As the name suggests, prescription computer glasses allow you to see sharply behind your computer, tablet or smartphone. With prescription computer glasses, your eyes have to strain much less and you sit with a relaxed posture behind your computer screen, preventing annoying physical complaints.

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So, are there screen glasses for distant vision?

At Seeh (Hans Anders Business), you can choose from three options that determine how far you can see, namely Nearview, Midview and Longview. These glasses have different strengths: for near, intermediate and far. The distances in the glasses are matched between 40 centimeters and up to 6 meters far you can see well. So you sit in a natural position behind your monitor and can also perform your other work well.

Screen glasses

Depending on the work you do, the optician will determine which monitor glasses are best for you. If, for example, you often work at the same workplace, Nearview is a good choice. And when you often walk from one workplace to another, Longview is a good choice.

As you can see in the diagram above, the maximum distance to still see sharply with your computer glasses is 6 meters. This means that you cannot drive a car with prescription computer glasses, for example.

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Available frames for prescription monitor glasses

The choice of frames is up to you. On the order form you, as an employer, can indicate in advance whether you can choose from the entire in-house collection of Hans Anders, or whether, for a small extra charge, you can also choose from the A-brand collection: a range of more than 750 models that is constantly renewed.

"Eye measurements and related advice are performed by well-trained and qualified staff at Hans Anders."

Your employees are welcome at all Hans Anders stores throughout the Netherlands for fitting the right pair of Seeh monitor glasses and safety glasses. Currently Hans Anders employs 4000 qualified opticians and audiologists. So you will always get the best help in fitting your safety glasses or monitor glasses.

A good optician will help you choose

Still have questions about prescription screen glasses?

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