How can you prevent hearing damage at work?



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Too much noise at work can damage hearing. So badly that it can lead to noise-induced hearing loss, a hearing damage that no longer heals. To protect employees from noise-induced hearing loss, employers must identify the places and work activities and take measures. And, of course, the effectiveness of those measures must also be monitored. A lot of noise not only increases the risk of hearing damage but can sometimes lead to increased blood pressure, the occurrence of stress, concentration disorders and fatigue. In addition, the risk of accidents increases because, for example, warning signals are not heard.

Hearing damage is one of the most commonly reported occupational diseases

When someone is exposed to sounds above 80 dB(A) for at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it can cause permanent damage. And of course this benefits no one, neither your employees nor your company. As a company, you are obliged to take (appropriate) measures to minimize hearing damage among your employees. For example, with our custom-made otoplastics.

Source: Noise on Federal Public Service

Hearing damage can be recognized as follows:

  • The person often starts talking louder.
  • The person turns up the sound of TV and radio.
  • The person no longer hears high-pitched or soft sounds.
  • The person has difficulty talking on the phone.
  • The person has difficulty holding a conversation in a noisy environment.
  • The person sometimes hears whistling, beeping or humming sounds.

As a company, you are obliged to take (appropriate) measures to minimize hearing damage in your employees. For example, with our custom-made otoplastics.

How can you prevent hearing damage?

Noise-induced hearing loss is incurable, but preventable.

In the workplace, exposure to harmful noise can be reduced by:

  • Quieter machines to use.
  • To be produced in quieter ways.
  • Make use of soundproofing cabinets.
  • Maintain the equipment properly.
  • Allow the employee to work in the noise for as short a time as possible.

If this is unsuccessful or inadequate, workers must use hearing protection devices that prevent hearing damage.


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