When are safety glasses mandatory?



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That safety glasses protect you already knew, of course. But is wearing and having safety glasses mandatory? We are happy to explain it to you in this knowledge article.

When is wearing safety glasses mandatory?

The employer must prevent or minimize hazards and risks to the employee's safety (and health) as much as possible at the cause. If you work in an environment where materials that can cause splinters are handled or where work is done with hazardous substances, for example, safety glasses are mandatory. Also, these locations often have stickers indicating that it is mandatory to wear safety glasses.

If this sticker is not present, the requirement for safety glasses may still be established. Employers usually determine whether employees are required to wear safety glasses. Be sure to inquire about this with your employer.

A number of factors are important when choosing prescription safety glasses. These are the severity of the hazard, the frequency of exposure to the hazard, the effectiveness of the prescription safety glasses and the characteristics of the location where the activity is performed.

Glasses are only certified safety glasses if the NEN EN -166 requirements are met. This standard applies to both the lenses and the frame. After this certification, the CE mark may be placed on the side of the glasses. Seeh's prescription safety glasses meet this important EN 166 standard.

Safety glasses on prescription

You expect a workplace to be safe to work in. But when your vision is impaired, it can lead to dangerous situations. Therefore, choose, for example, safety glasses with Trivex lenses. These glasses provide very clear vision. Being able to see and read clearly is required to do the job well.

Should an employer reimburse for safety glasses?

An employer must ensure the safety and health of its employees. When workers come or may come into contact with substances or materials that may emit splinters (or loose particles) during their work, it is important that they wear proper eye protection, in the form of safety glasses. When wearing prescription safety glasses are mandatory, they must be provided by the employer. You can read more about this in this knowledge article.

We hope you learned a little more about the obligations of prescription safety glasses. Do you still have questions or want personal advice? Then feel free to call us or contact us via this page.

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