How do you prevent condensation on your prescription safety glasses?



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For wearers of prescription safety glasses, fogged lenses are a major annoyance. Condensation on your prescription safety glasses is not only annoying but also, because your vision is obstructed, can lead to dangerous situations.

What are prescription safety glasses?

You expect a workplace to be safe to work in. But when your vision is impaired, it can lead to dangerous situations. During certain activities, harmful substances and/or materials are often released that we do not take into account. Strengthened safety glasses protect your employees' eyes and provide protection from outside impacts.

With our prescription safety glasses, we offer the most comfortable safety glasses with corrective lenses at the best price.

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Why do your prescription safety glasses fog up?

Condensation occurs when water vapor comes into contact with an object that is colder than the surrounding air. In this case, the moisture actually hits the cold surface of the lens, creating tiny droplets on the surface. The droplets form a layer of water and reduce your vision.

The combination of safety glasses and mouthpiece is considered very unpleasant by many eyeglass wearers. When breath "escapes" and comes in contact with the cold lenses, the prescription safety glasses fog up.

Tips to prevent your prescription safety glasses from fogging up

  1. Make sure the face mask fits properly

When the mouthguard fits properly, less breath escapes, making your glasses less likely to fog up.

  1. Place the mouthpiece securely around your nose

Try putting the mouthguard high on your nose and putting your glasses on it. This will help you close the mouthpiece better.

  1. Breathe down into the mouthpiece

When you breathe downward, your lenses are less likely to fog up.

  1. Clean your lenses properly

The cleaner your glasses are the less condensation will form.

You can find more tips to prevent fogging of lenses here.

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