What is the lifespan of prescription safety glasses?



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A pair of prescription safety glasses is a customized product. When you buy prescription safety glasses, you naturally want them to last a long time. But how long is the lifespan of prescription safety glasses? We're happy to tell you in this knowledge article.

When do you buy prescription safety glasses?

An employer must ensure the safety and health of its employees. When workers come or may come into contact with substances or materials that may emit splinters (or loose particles) during their work, it is important that they wear proper eye protection, in the form of safety glasses. When prescription safety glasses are required to be worn, they must be provided by the employer. 

What is the lifespan of prescription safety glasses?

How long prescription safety glasses last is determined, among other things, by the quality of the glasses. For example, together with Hans Anders, we supply safety glasses with the special Superior Choice coating. This coating makes your glasses 7 times harder and even more scratch-resistant.

Also, the life of prescription safety glasses is determined by the severity of the hazard and what conditions exist at the user's workplace. Damage can occur on the lenses or on the frame. The protective effect may also be reduced by exposure to UV radiation and other conditions that accelerate the aging process. In this way, the glasses will be less protective.

Safety glasses replacement

Together with the employer, it should be determined whether glasses may be replaced. The employer can easily create an order form on the Seeh Portal. Not a customer yet? Then sign up here (this takes about 1 minute).

We recommend getting an eye measurement every year. That way, you can make sure your glasses strength is always correct and you are comfortable.

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