The advantages and disadvantages of mineral glass



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Not every pair of safety glasses is the same. Not only are there different models, but also the material from which the lenses are made is not always the same. Choosing the right lens material is, of course, determined by the working conditions. Hardness and scratch resistance are important factors. Heat resistance, scratch resistance and clear vision are examples of lens properties.

Mineral glasses

Mineral glass is thermally or chemically toughened. Mineral glasses are well suited for very dusty environments where scratch resistance or attack by certain chemicals is critical. They are less susceptible to scratching and have good impact resistance. However, mineral glass is heavy and prone to burn-in from welding and grinding sparks.

The advantages of mineral glass

  • Scratch resistant
  • Heat-resistant
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Minor color shifting

The disadvantages of mineral glass

  • Heavy
  • Limited impact protection
  • Poor UV filtering
  • Sensitive to welding sparks

Safety glasses with Trivex glass

Trivex is known as one of the most durable materials on the market. Like polycarbonate, Trivex material was actually developed for alternative use for eyewear. Originally, it was used by the military for fighter jet windshields and other military applications.

You expect a workplace to be safe to work in. But when your vision is impaired, it can lead to dangerous situations. With prescription safety glasses where Trivex lenses are standard, you offer your workers the most comfortable prescription safety glasses.

The benefits of Trivex lenses

  • Lichest lens material on the market
  • Extremely kracthige firmness
  • Is known for its optical clarity
  • Super suitable for prescription safety glasses

We offer standard Trivex lenses in our prescription safety glasses. Our Trivex lenses for prescription safety glasses meet the EN 166 standard and provide impact protection in combination with the sturdy frame. In addition to high impact resistance, Trivex lenses offer the added benefit that they can be ground thinner than normal lenses without compromising safety. This allows your employee to work with prescription safety glasses that not only ensure clear vision but also an appropriate lens thickness.

Easily order your safety glasses with standard Trivex lenses

Still have questions about Trivex lenses? Feel free to send us a message via the become a customer form. Are you looking for prescription safety glasses for your employees? We have the most comfortable and best priced safety glasses with corrective lenses. With a choice of single lenses or progressive lenses and both modern plastic and metal frames. So your employee will always have perfect prescription safety glasses. Fitting is possible in every Hans Anders store in Belgium.

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We provide companies with appropriate eye and ear protection. In cooperation with Hans Anders, we offer free consultation and a simple ordering process in the process.

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