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Perhaps you are looking for hearing protection for your work and have come across custom otoplastics. But what are otoplastics? Otoplastics are custom-made earplugs. These earplugs are measured in a Hans Anders store or at your location in Belgium. Otoplastics are personally fitted, which makes them very comfortable to wear. The otoplastics can also have a filter that has been a desired attenuation, such as when motorcycling or doing certain jobs.

Otoplastics, ear muffs or universal-fit?

Otoplastics are custom-made, which is why they are considered the best option for hearing protection. Because they are personally fitted, they sit perfectly in your ear and are highly comfortable to wear. They seal your ear canal perfectly and are so small and beautiful that your ear canal is safely muffled. In addition, the material of the otoplastics is made of a solid mass so that they muffle more sound and can be better adjusted with a filter. Another big advantage is that otoplastics are more comfortable to wear than earmuffs, for example, because they are often warm and more awkward to carry with you at all times. An additional advantage if you wear glasses: you are no longer bothered by the legs of your glasses jamming under your ear muffs.

What is the best hearing protection?

There are several options is choosing hearing protection. For example, you have universal-fit earplugs, ear muffs or custom-made earplugs (otoplastics). From 20 years of experience, we have noticed that otoplastics are the most comfortable solution. We would like to tell you more about the wide range of choices you have when choosing otoplastics.

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Which filter do I need?

Every otoplasty contains a filter that causes sound to be attenuated. The best otoplasty is not the one with the most attenuating filter. This is a misconception that is made a lot. It seems so logical, but it is not always safe. You do need to be able to hear a warning from your colleague when the situation is unsafe. Our filters provide very good attenuation and the unique thing about these filters is: you can change them. Did you always have the heaviest filter, but are moving to another job with a different noise profile? Then you can adjust your otoplastics to this. That way they can last longer. Our experts can advise you on this!

Which application do I choose?

The hearing protection you need depends on your personal needs and the noise situation. Seeh offers the best hearing protection for industry and business. For example, for a metal worker a different filter is used with different properties than for a motorcyclist. And in construction you need a different sound profile and therefore a different filter than when you work as a musician. Every situation is different and requires different properties of otoplastics.

How are otoplastics fitted?

Hard or soft otoplastics?

One of the most frequently asked questions is which material is best for otoplastics. In 95% of cases, soft otoplastics are chosen. This is because the soft material remains comfortable when in your ear for a long time. And when you move or talk, they are more flexible in your ear canal, and they don't fall apart on the hard floor. Still, hard otoplastics have advantages, too. If you take your otoplastics in and out a lot because you often enter different rooms or do a lot of different short jobs, hard otoplastics are a good choice. Due to the hard and therefore smoother material, the otoplastics go in and out more easily, making them easier to wear. In addition, hard otoplastics clamp a bit more, which can be an advantage if your earplugs generally fall out often. Ultimately, it is always a personal choice and you can discuss your situation with one of our experts.

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