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How much do prescription screen glasses (computer glasses) cost?

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How much do prescription screen glasses (computer glasses) cost?

Imaging prescription glasses are available in many different designs and price ranges. A price comparison based on the cheapest product is then obvious, but in most cases not the right choice to make a fair comparison. With the advice below, we want to help you put together a good package that is tailored to your organization's wishes and requirements, that fits within your organization's budget and that helps your employees in the best way possible.

Download the price list for prescription monitor glasses

With us, you choose your own budget

Thanks to our online ordering and management platform, we make it easy to order prescription screen glasses. Here you put together your own package/scheme, tailored to your budget and your employee's needs. You pay for what you order and never have any unexpected extra costs. Do you have a question about reimbursement for prescription computer glasses? No problem, we can help you with that too.

Sample packages

We are happy to advise you with our sample packages. These packages consist of different versions of glasses, because not everyone has the same deviation and not everyone performs the same work. So making a choice based on one version and one price cannot be a realistic comparison. We advise you to choose a package with different versions of glasses so that you always choose the best solution for your employee.

All prices include lenses and frames

Sample packages

Basic Package
€ 80,72
Total price incl. single lenses and frames
Multifocal strength: €213.22
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti-reflex
  • Blue filter
  • Super coating
Luxury package
Most chosen
€ 122,03
Total price incl. single lenses and frames
Multifocal strength: € 254.55
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti-reflex
  • Blue filter
  • Super coating
Extra luxury package
€ 138,56
Total price inc. single lenses and frames
Multifocal strength: €271.07
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti Reflex
  • Blue filter
  • Super coating

* Prices quoted do not include VAT. Price changes reserved.

Single or progressive lenses?

From the age of about 43, your eyes generally deteriorate. Often it then becomes more difficult to see well at short distances. Reading glasses then offer a solution. Reading glasses are suitable for a reading distance of 30 to 35 centimeters, but a screen is often at a distance of 50 to 60 centimeters, which can still cause complaints. For that, monitor glasses are suitable. Perfect for anyone who does prolonged screen work.


Of all screen wearers in B2B market need progressive lenses


Of all screen glasses wearers in B2B market need single lenses

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Are prescription screen glasses mandatory?

The employer is obliged to carry out a risk analysis at least every five years at the level of each group of monitor workstations and at the level of the individual in order to evaluate the risks to the well-being of employees arising from work with a monitor, particularly as regards possible risks to vision and problems of physical and mental strain, and to take appropriate measures on the basis of the risk analysis referred to in 1° in order to prevent or remedy the risks thus identified, taking into account the combination or combination of their effects.

Source: Codex Book VUUU title 2 Displays

Should the employer reimburse for prescription monitor glasses?

If, during an examination, an accommodation problem is found that hinders the employee from properly performing his display task, and this despite ordinary reading glasses (for 30 cm) or ordinary glasses for far sight (more than 2 meters), the employer must reimburse a specific pair of glasses.

Source: Federal Public Service Belgium Displays

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The cooperation with Seeh is very pleasant. Quick communication, easy system for the order forms and always willing to think along with specific questions from the hospital.

Madelon Timmerman
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Seeh offers our people a choice of trendy safety glasses. No extra appointment at the eye doctor needed because the Hans Anders opticians can measure the strength in the store itself.

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Seeh offers our people a choice of trendy safety glasses. No extra appointment at the ophthalmologist required as Hans Anders opticians can measure the prescription in the store itself.

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