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Information about reimbursement for monitor glasses is in high demand. The law requires employers to ensure that screen work does not endanger the safety and health of their employees. prescription monitor glasses are ideally suited for monitor work. The lenses are ground in a special way, so you always see sharply on the screen. Even the papers on the desk can be read effortlessly. But what rules are associated with reimbursement for monitor glasses?

Monitor glasses reimbursement by employer

VDU work is unavoidable and unavoidable in many professions. This can lead to all kinds of unpleasant health problems, such as pain in the arms, neck and shoulders or eye complaints. Because the eyelids hardly blink during intensive computer screen work, the eyeball becomes too dry and eye fatigue can occur. It is important for the employer to act and intervene in a timely manner when eye complaints occur, and to lay down the arrangement for reimbursement of monitor glasses. This is to prevent aggravation of the complaints or the onset of the complaints. Because that's what we want to be ahead of, right?

Screen glasses reimbursement employer

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By law, every employer is obliged to ensure that employees can do their work safely. Screen work should also not endanger anyone's health and safety. To protect employees, a number of rules have been established: prior to screen work or when eye complaints arise, employers must offer their employees the opportunity to undergo an eye examination. If it is found that prescription monitor glasses can help against the complaints, the employer is obliged to reimburse the cost of the prescription monitor glasses.

If, during an examination, an accommodation problem is found that hinders the employee from performing his screen task properly, and this despite ordinary reading glasses (for 30 cm) or ordinary glasses for far sight (more than 2 meters), the employer must reimburse a specific pair of glasses (only for accommodation at 60 cm). Thus, the ordinary glasses or lens for far sight or reading should not be paid by the employer, even if the aging worker has trouble reading.

Source: Federal Public Service Displays and Codex book VIII title 2 Displays

The regulations on working with display screens are laid down in Title 2 of bole VIII of the Codex on well-being at work. The employer is obliged to conduct a risk analysis at least every five years at the level of each group of display screen work posts and at the level of the individual in order to evaluate the risks in terms of well-being arising for the employees from working with a display screen, in particular regarding possible risks to vision and problems of physical and mental strain, and to take appropriate measures on the basis of the risk analysis referred to in 1°, in order to prevent or remedy the risks thus identified, taking into account the aggregation or combination of their effects.

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