As an employer, do I have to reimburse for sunglasses?



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The law requires employers to ensure that sunlight does not endanger the health and safety of their employees. Business sunglasses (prescription and non-prescription) offer good protection. But what rules are associated with compensation for sunglasses?

Should the employer provide sunglasses for business (prescription)?

It is important for the employer to engage and intervene in a timely manner when eye complaints arise, and to establish the arrangement for reimbursement of sunglasses. This is to prevent aggravation of the complaints or the development of the complaints.

By law, every employer is obliged to ensure that employees can do their work safely. Even the sun or, for example, reflections from the sun must not endanger anyone's health and safety. To protect employees, a number of rules have been established: prior to screen work or when eye complaints arise, employers must offer their employees the opportunity to undergo an eye examination. If it is found that sunglasses can help against the complaints, the employer is obliged to reimburse the cost of the sunglasses.

Source: Federal Public Service Displays and Codex book VIII title 2 Displays

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