A look back at 2022. A year to be proud of!



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We are again very proud to report that our NPS (Net Promoter Score) is excellent again this year. The NPS reveals the extent to which customers recommend organizations. The higher the figure, the greater the enthusiasm of customers. An NPS above 70 is considered "excellent. With an NPS of 71, we are particularly proud that our customers are still very satisfied.

High customer satisfaction

Of course, we remain committed to maintaining this high level of customer satisfaction and also personal contact with our customers. Therefore, we are always available on weekdays and always answer questions within two hours. We also resolve problems as quickly as possible and this year we are again offering our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So our customers can be confident that we are doing everything we can to maintain their satisfaction.

The Seeh Portal

Thanks to our customers' reviews and feedback, we have been able to improve our services, making it even easier to order ear and eye protection. The Seeh Portal has been redesigned and we have optimized several things. With this, we are building a future-proof platform where you as a customer can order quickly, easily and reliably and can check and arrange more and more things online.

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Knowledge base expansion

Once again this year we have expanded our knowledge base with useful information. We are pleased with the feedback and response for this knowledge base. Currently, Seeh's knowledge base is the most important and most visited knowledge base for safety glasses, monitor glasses, otoplastics and sunglasses for the business market. And we are particularly proud of that too!

Screen glasses and sunglasses

We have also kept up with the trend of increasing demand in monitor glasses. We see that employers increasingly want to protect their employees from complaints that can arise from computer work.

As a new addition to our products, we have also added prescription and non-prescription sunglasses to our range.

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In cooperation with our partners, we will be able to offer our customers even more service in the coming year. Thanks to links in online systems, we have been able to help our customers even better and faster and have the fastest delivery time in the business market. We also continue to work on accessibility and service points. So all our customers and their employees can visit more than 400+ stores throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

We are proud but above all very grateful for all the trust and enthusiasm of our customers. This year we were once again able to provide beautiful organizations with our safety glasses, monitor glasses, sunglasses and otoplastics. Among others, we helped metal companies, water boards, insurance companies, department stores, zoos, schools and food producers.

We are proud of what we accomplished this year and will continue to work to maintain our high NPS in 2023!

On behalf of all the employees at Seeh, we wish everyone a beautiful and healthy 2023!


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We provide companies with appropriate eye and ear protection. In cooperation with Hans Anders, we offer free consultation and a simple ordering process in the process.

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