8 Occupations where you need earplugs for work



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Many workers are exposed to harmful noise levels on a daily basis. It is not for nothing that hearing damage is one of the most frequently reported occupational diseases. They may not be the most obvious occupations where people face a lot of hearing damage at work, and we want to show you that. Check out the list below of 8 occupations where you really need earplugs for work.

Earplugs work

From when do we call noise levels harmful?

The danger of noise-induced hearing loss begins at 80 dB(A). After 8 hours of exposure to this noise level, you are at risk of hearing damage. For every three decibels more, this safe duration halves. As a company, you are obliged to take (appropriate) measures to minimize hearing damage among your employees. An employer is obliged to provide resources for employees to reduce health hazards. There is also an obligation to wear the provided means. This must be monitored by the employer.

It is not just the most obvious occupational groups where hearing damage is common at work.

Otoplastics as standard safety equipment

Are earplugs already part of your standard safety equipment for work? It makes sense, because once you notice you've suffered hearing damage, it's too late. The damage is irreversible. It can manifest itself in, for example, tinnitus. Fortunately, you can buy good hearing protectors, which protect against outside impacts and are very comfortable.

Which earplugs for work are the most comfortable?

Alpine WorkSafe otoplastics are made for a variety of work activities. These hearing protectors are individually tailored, so the hearing protection feels very comfortable. Due to the special filters, warning sounds and conversations, for example, are still perfectly audible. These otoplastics last a long time, are very comfortable and very durable.

Sector Work Noise level (dB)A

Below is an overview of the noise levels of various occupations. Earplugs are recommended for these occupations.

Construction Carpenter 87-92 dB

Construction Tiler 87-91 dB

Municipal Works Leaf vacuum 100-105 dB

Industry, metal processing Metalworker 92-98 dB

Industry, metal processing Milling machine 75-90 dB

Industry, metal processing CNC lathe 100-115 dB

Education, Schoolyard monitoring 82 dB

Dental care, Dentist 80-90 dB

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