Can I order prescription safety glasses from Hans Anders?



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When you order prescription safety glasses from Seeh, you can use the service in any Hans Anders store near you in Belgium. Seeh works exclusively with Hans Anders to make hearing and vision affordable and safe for everyone in Belgium.

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Seeh is exclusive partner of Hans Anders

Buying prescription spectacles, prescription safety glasses, otoplastics or prescription or non-prescription sunglasses for your employees is very easy, especially with the excellent service of Seeh and Hans Anders in Belgium. Your employees are welcome at as many as 400+ Hans Anders stores throughout Belgium. Hans Anders audiologists and opticians will be happy to help your employees. This gives you the opportunity to act quickly and to be advised by a professional. Moreover, we take care of your entire administration. So you don't have to worry about it.

"Through the exclusive partnership of Seeh and Hans Anders, as a business customer you can enjoy all the benefits when you order prescription safety glasses from us in Belgium."

Enjoy all the benefits as a business customer

Hans Anders currently operates eye and hearing care with 407 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2021 we won the Shopping Award thanks to a successful omnichannel strategy.

"Your ears and eyes connect you to the people and the world around you. They help you participate in society. That's why everyone has a right to good eye and hearing care, no matter who you are."

How does ordering from Hans Anders Business work

Seeh makes it easy for you to purchase prescription safety glasses for your employees. Here's how it works:

How it works

1. You register yourself once online as a customer with Seeh

2. Next, you simply create an order form for your employee in the Seeh Portal. Here you determine which products and lines your employees can choose from.

3. Your employee can then take this order form to one of the 400+ Hans Anders stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. The product will be fitted by Hans Anders' specialist opticians and audiologists in Belgium.

4. As soon as the product is ready you will be contacted. The fitted product can then be picked up at a convenient time.

5. After delivery, we will send you the invoice in a simple overview.

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We provide companies with appropriate eye and ear protection. In cooperation with Hans Anders, we offer free consultation and a simple ordering process in the process.

With the highest customer satisfaction and rating in the business market, we are the reliable choice for your company.

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