How much do prescription screen glasses cost?



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Strength screen glasses are a good option if you spend much of your time behind a screen or if you do experience symptoms such as back and neck pain or eyestrain. This is because prescription screen glasses provide sharp vision behind your computer, tablet or smartphone. Whatever strength you have, the special lens allows your eyes to strain less and fatigue less. In addition, the glasses ensure that you no longer sit behind your screen with a tense posture. In short, with computer glasses you increase your own working comfort while working at home or at the office and you prevent or minimize annoying physical complaints. But what exactly are the costs of prescription computer glasses?

What determines the price of a price range?

For example, the price of prescription monitor glasses depends on which collection of frames you choose. Will you opt for a top brand frame such as Ray Ban or will you choose a private label frame from Hans Anders? In addition, the price depends on the design of the lenses. Do you need single prescription or progressive prescription spectacles? Finally, your eye strength also plays a role. Perhaps your lenses need to be thinned to prevent your lenses from becoming too thick. This makes for greater comfort.

How much do prescription screen glasses cost at Hans Anders Business?

If you plan to buy prescription monitor glasses for your employees, you want to be helped by the best. The professional who knows what your employees need, who knows everything about prescription glasses and who can also offer the widest choice at a very attractive price. You wouldn't expect prescription monitor glasses to cost so little. We offer you complete prescription glasses, frames, lenses and a coating such as bluefilter, just for the best price. It's that simple. Want to see the full price list or a customized consultation? Get in touch with us.

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