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In people who sit a lot and intensively at the computer, complaints can arise. For example, reduced vision, fatigue, headaches or neck pain, burning eyes but also insomnia. Prescription monitor glasses are intended to increase comfort when working behind a screen and to prevent or minimize complaints. Just to be able to work comfortably. But what is the difference between reading glasses and "regular" glasses?

Imaging prescription glasses

We already knew that sitting at the computer a lot and intensively is not good for you. It can lead to all sorts of unpleasant complaints like reduced vision, fatigue, headaches or neck pain. That's where Seeh's monitor glasses come in. A pair of prescription monitor glasses offers the solution to complaints caused by office work. They provide your eyes with the proper support to work properly and for long periods of time without causing complaints. Because that's what you should expect from a fine workplace.

Single glasses

Single lenses are used for static work, such as work in which a lot of reading and monitor work is done at the same workplace. These glasses are mainly used for employees with an age of about 38 to 42 years.

Multifocal lenses

Multifocal lenses combine strength for distance with strength for near, without it showing in the lenses. With progressive lenses you can easily switch between near, intermediate and far because the lenses have a natural progression from plus to minus strength.
For the progressive computer glasses, we chose Workforce Nearview, Midview and Longview. These lenses have different strengths; for near, intermediate and far. The distances in the lenses are matched between 40 centimeters and up to 6 meters far being able to see well. This ensures that you can sit in a natural position behind your monitor and also perform your other work well. Basically everywhere, in other words.

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Computer glasses difference

Sp prescription screen glasses versus reading glasses

From the age of about 43, your eyes generally deteriorate. Often it then becomes more difficult to see well at short distances. Reading glasses then offer a solution. Reading glasses are suitable for a reading distance of 30 to 35 centimeters, but a screen is often at a distance of 50 to 60 centimeters, which can still cause complaints. For this reason, prescription monitor glasses are suitable. Perfect for anyone doing prolonged screen work.

Computer prescription glasses

Difference between reading glasses, regular progressive glasses and prescription screen glasses from Seeh (Hans Anders Business)

Multifocal prescription screen glasses versus regular multifocal glasses

Multifocal glasses are a good choice for most everyday situations. Only, progressive glasses for work are of limited value. That's because progressive glasses have two optimal viewing areas. One part for near and one part for far. The viewing area for intermediate distance is very narrow. While working at a computer, you also look at your monitor through the lower part of the lenses. This causes you to lift your head to see everything clearly. When you sit in this unnatural position for a long time, a lot of pressure is put on your neck and shoulders.

A pair of prescription monitor glasses then provides the solution to complaints that may arise from office work. Prescription screen glasses are glasses that provide optimal vision when you do screen work. The lens is specially made for comfortable near, middle and far vision. This ensures that you see sharply and have a good working posture at the computer. This is in contrast to ordinary progressive glasses and reading glasses, which allow you to assume an incorrect posture behind the computer, which can then result in neck and shoulder complaints, among other things.

Eye measurement and advice at Hans Anders

Eye measurements and related advice are performed by well-trained and qualified Hans Anders employees.
When an order form is created, a number of questions are run through which we help you choose the correct prescription prescription spectacles. You decide to what extent your employees and the Hans Anders optician have the freedom to determine the best possible prescription monitor glasses. Our specialists will be happy to help you fill out your initial order forms.

Frames prescription screen glasses

The choice of frame is up to you. On the order form, as an employer, you can indicate in advance whether you can choose from Hans Anders' entire house collection, or whether, for a small additional charge, you can also choose from the A-brand collection: an assortment of more than 1,000+ models that is constantly renewed.

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We provide companies with appropriate eye and ear protection. In cooperation with Hans Anders, we offer free consultation and a simple ordering process in the process.

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