What dangers do safety glasses protect against?



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Strength safety glasses protect the eyes from the dangers of dust, grinding particles and splinters and liquid splashes. The lenses of prescription safety glasses are made of Trivex the frame is made of metal or plastic.

Safety glasses protect your eyes from two types of hazards:

  • Mechanical hazards: dust, knocks, stabs or objects such as splinters and chips.
  • Chemical hazards: solid or gaseous substances, splashes, drips and mist.

Why are prescription safety glasses so important?

In many companies and environments, wearing prescription safety glasses is mandatory in certain places and during certain work activities. For example, when working with hazardous materials. When hazardous substances are released or spilled and get into the eyes, the damage is often incalculable. This is why wearing safety glasses is very important. Goggles protect you from potentially very dangerous injuries and, in extreme cases, can keep you from losing your sight

Just as serious as a dangerous substance in your eye is a small solid particle, such as a splinter. Safety glasses protect your eyes from this painful and downright dangerous impact.

Wearing safety glasses is important not only when you yourself are engaged in risky work. But often you also do not know what is going on around you. Therefore, in many places it is mandatory to wear safety glasses even when you are not engaged in risky work yourself.

Many people find it annoying to wear prescription safety glasses, but the fact that this is a requirement in many industries indicates why the use of prescription safety glasses is so important. Your eyes are very fragile and thus can be damaged beyond repair in a matter of moments. Therefore, it is wise to wear prescription safety glasses in any situation where you are at this risk, whether private or professional. In the latter case, the employer even has the obligation to provide proper prescription safety glasses.

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When is it mandatory to wear prescription safety glasses?

Situations in which there may be danger to the eyes can quickly be recognized by a sign or sticker with the pictogram: safety glasses or eye protection required. The reason why safety glasses are mandatory in these situations is obvious: the glasses block harmful substances and particles. Note that even when no pictogram is visible, there is a chance that wearing prescription safety glasses is mandatory.

So it is a good idea to always wear prescription safety glasses in places of risk. While at work, but also when doing a job at home or elsewhere where there is a chance of eye injury.

Glasses are only certified safety glasses if the NEN EN -166 requirements are met. This standard applies to both the lenses and the frame. After this certification, the CE mark may be placed on the side of the glasses. Seeh's prescription safety glasses meet this important EN 166 standard.

Your employees are welcome at all Hans Anders stores throughout Belgium for the fitting of the right prescription glasses. Currently Hans Anders employs 4000 qualified opticians and audiologists. So you will always get the best assistance in fitting your prescription safety glasses.

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