How much do prescription safety glasses cost?



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You expect a workplace to be safe to work in. But when your vision is impaired, this can lead to dangerous situations. Some working conditions then demand extra protection for your eyes, because during these activities harmful substances and/or materials are often released that we do not take into account. Ordinary glasses then cannot provide this protection. This is why there are prescription safety glasses. But how much do prescription safety glasses cost?

What determines the price of prescription safety glasses?

Good prescription safety glasses vary in price. In fact, you can have prescription safety glasses with different coatings depending on the work you do. For example, you can have safety glasses with an anti-scratch coating, anti-reflective coating and even anti-static coating, making your glasses moisture, grease and dirt repellent. In addition, the version of the glasses determines the price. Do you need prescription safety glasses with single lenses or just progressive lenses?

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As an employer, do I have to reimburse for prescription safety glasses?

An employer must ensure the safety and health of its employees. When workers come into or may come into contact with substances or materials that may emit splinters (or loose particles) during their work, it is important that they wear appropriate eye protection, in the form of safety glasses. Employers must prevent (or reduce) hazards and risks to worker safety or health at the source to the greatest extent possible. When the wearing of prescription safety glasses is mandatory, they must be supplied by the employer.

How much do prescription safety glasses cost?

Do you need prescription safety glasses? Then you may fear high costs, but don't worry. At Seeh (Hans Anders Business) we say: the most complete pair of safety glasses for the best price. For this you get frames, lenses, case, lens cloth and lanyard. Really complete. If you want to know more about our prices, click here for the complete price list of prescription safety glasses.

Questions about prescription safety glasses?

At Seeh you have come to the right place for prescription safety glasses. We can also tell you everything you need to know about reimbursement by employer(s). How can it be arranged? We like to go through all the steps with you so it is completely clear. And then we look for the right safety glasses. One that meets the EN-166 standard, of course. With glass of the very best quality, which is not at all heavy and provides excellent protection against unsafe situations and harmful UV radiation. Our attractively priced, professional safety glasses with Trivex lenses have high wearing comfort and very good optical quality. Just what you need to work safely and enjoyably.

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