Four occupations where safety glasses are mandatory



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When you come into contact with harmful substances or materials that can give off splinters while doing your job, it can have major consequences for your eyes. The risk of permanent eye damage increases when insufficient safety precautions are taken. Thus, wearing safety glasses is very important and an indispensable personal protective equipment (PPE).

In this article, we tell you more about four occupations where wearing safety glasses is mandatory


Carpenters work with different types of materials. For carpenters, it is necessary to wear safety glasses because there is a good chance that many splinters will be released while cutting and drilling wood. This is also true when working with a grinder.


Welders need additional protection in addition to wearing safety glasses. Therefore, they are required to wear a welding helmet or welding hood. The purpose of the welding helmet is to protect the eyes from the light released during welding. The hood also protects the eyes from the spatters and sparks released during welding.

Asbestos remover

Everyone knows that asbestos can be harmful to your health. For asbestos removal workers, therefore, it goes without saying that they must wear safety glasses. Do dust particles still end up in the eyes? Then this can have major consequences, such as serious illnesses.


Laborers examine various raw materials and products and often work in a laboratory or factory. While working in this profession, there is a good chance that you will be exposed to harmful substances, making the wearing of safety glasses mandatory.


Safety glasses protect the eyes from falling objects, dust and metal splinters. Are you a member of the Metal Union? If so, you may be entitled to a large discount from the Prevention Fund.

However, there are many other occupations that require the wearing of safety glasses. Safety glasses are worn daily in some occupations and only occasionally in some occupations. This depends on the work performed during an occupation.

- Construction workers
- Machinists
- Chemists
- Doctors and nurses
- Diamond cutters
- Electricians
- Welders
- Metalworkers
- Mechanics
- Carpenters
- And many more

Are you unsure if wearing safety glasses is mandatory for your occupation? Check with your employer. Employers determine, together with the rules laid down in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, whether you as an employee are required to wear safety glasses.

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