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prescription screen glasses, you've been hearing a lot about them lately. Perhaps you have already had employees who have requested reimbursement for this. Or you yourself are now looking for more information, eventually arriving at an arrangement for your employees. But what are prescription screen glasses?

What are screen glasses?

Imaging or computer prescription glasses are glasses that give the best vision behind your monitor. The glass is specially made to your prescription to provide near, middle and far sharp vision.

What do screen glasses do?

A pair of prescription screen glasses provides sharp vision behind your computer, tablet or smartphone. Whatever strength you have, the special glass allows your eyes to strain less and tire less quickly. In addition, the prescription spectacles ensure that you no longer sit behind your screen with a tense posture. In short, with prescription glasses you increase your own working comfort while working at home or at the office and prevent or minimize annoying physical complaints.

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What is a bluefilter coating?

Blue light emitted by all the screens you use has a short wavelength, which causes more light scattering that makes it harder for your eyes to focus. Simply put, your eyes have to work extra hard to process these light rays. The result is faster eye fatigue and less blinking. Recognizable? Have your prescription monitor glasses equipped with a bluefilter coating. Bluefilter is a special coating for prescription monitor glasses that filters the blue light from your computer, tablet or smartphone. It gives your eyes more rest and makes them less prone to tears. So you avoid eye and sleep problems.

The benefits at a glance

The lenses are ground to give you a comfortably wide and sharp view of your screen. This gives you a better posture behind your computer, reducing neck and shoulder problems. At the end of the day, you will also have much less tired and burning eyes. All in all, monitor glasses are a good solution against absenteeism.

  • Better vision
  • Gives your eyes rest
  • Better attitude
  • Less burning eyes
  • Less headache

When do I need screen glasses?

  • You work behind a screen a lot
  • You have tired/dry eyes at the end of the day
  • You have neck, shoulder or back pain
  • You have a headache after working behind a screen

By law, every employer is obliged to ensure that employees can do their work safely. Screen work should also not endanger anyone's health and safety. To protect employees, a number of rules have been established: prior to screen work or when eye complaints arise, employers must offer their employees the opportunity to undergo an eye examination. If it is found that prescription monitor glasses can help against the complaints, the employer is obliged to reimburse the cost of the prescription monitor glasses.

If, during an examination, an accommodation problem is found that hinders the employee from performing his screen task properly, and this despite ordinary reading glasses (for 30 cm) or ordinary glasses for far sight (more than 2 meters), the employer must reimburse a specific pair of glasses (only for accommodation at 60 cm). Thus, the ordinary glasses or lens for far sight or reading should not be paid by the employer, even if the aging worker has trouble reading.

Source: Federal Public Service Displays and Codex book VIII title 2 Displays

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