What materials are the frames of monitor glasses made of?



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Glasses frames can be made of different materials. Think metal or plastic, but also titanium or aluminum. Spectacle frames can also be made of special materials, such as wood.

It is important to choose a pair of eyeglass frames that suits you and fits well. Picking a frame is very personal. You not only have a variety of styles and brands to choose from, but also different materials. Do you opt for a sporty or a chic look? Are you perhaps allergic to certain materials? You see, there are multiple considerations when it comes to the choice of materials for prescription monitor glasses frames.

Metal frames

Metal frames are comfortable. This is because they have an excellent fit. The pliability of metal allows these frames to fit perfectly at the nose and ears. Furthermore, metal is a strong material, so metal eyeglasses last a long time.

Plastic frames

The beauty of plastic is that all shapes and colors are possible for the frame. Plastic frames come in an infinite number of designs. Therefore, plastic is perfect for trendy frames.

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Titanium frames

Titanium has many advantages. It is a super strong metal that is very lightweight and resistant to corrosion (rusting). In addition, it is an anti-allergenic material.

Flexon frames

Flexon is very similar to titanium. But as the name implies, the frame does not break when you fold it in half, but springs back into its original shape.

Rimless and nylor (semi-rimless) glasses

Rimless frames are frames with no rim around the lenses and nylor frames only have a rim on the top of the lenses.

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