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Dry eyes, many people suffer from them from time to time. Dry eyes can feel very unpleasant and cause a lot of discomfort. In this knowledge article, we would like to tell you more about the cause of dry eyes and how best to treat your eyes.

Dry eyes

Insufficient tear production or too rapid evaporation of the tear film causes the surface of the eye to dry out. This can cause your eyes to hurt (burning and stinging), secrete mucus and turn red, and feel tired. It can also cause you to see blurred.

There are several factors that can cause this, such as

  • Higher age
  • Allergy
  • Disorders of the tear gland
  • Medicines
  • Not closing the eye properly
  • Looking at a screen for a long time

What helps against dry eyes?

You can often do a lot yourself to prevent dry eyes. If you look at a screen for a long time (more than two hours a day), it helps to blink a little more often. Or to close your eyes for a while. Still, there is a better solution for dry eyes. Namely, using prescription screen glasses.

A pair of prescription screen glasses (or computer glasses) protects your eyes from the blue light of a screen and prevents dry eyes.

prescription screen glasses

When do you need prescription screen glasses?

You need prescription computer glasses or monitor glasses when you:

  • Suffer from tingling or tired eyes. Your eyes have to exert too much effort.
  • Have headaches or shoulder and neck pain. Ordinary glasses are not matched to the correct distance, so you sit hunched over behind your computer screen.
  • Spends a lot of time behind a screen. Computer glasses or monitor glasses are already a good idea if you spend more than two hours a day behind a screen.

What are prescription screen glasses?

As the name suggests, prescription computer glasses allow you to see sharply behind your computer, tablet or smartphone. With prescription screen glasses, your eyes have to strain much less and you sit behind your screen with a relaxed posture, preventing annoying physical complaints.

Want to know the difference between display glasses, reading glasses and regular glasses? Then read this article.

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